Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance to the body's energies and facilitates our own profound healing capacity, thus promoting optimal health and well-being.

About the Practitioner

Nancy discovered the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu during her own search for optimum health and well-being.  A dedicated and compassionate Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner since 1993, she offers private sessions for adults and children at her office in Concord, MA.  Nancy loves to teach others this Art and help improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those they love.  She offers Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Classes throughout New England for those interested in learning easy methods that can assist them with their personal concerns. 

She has treated clients with a variety of concerns including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  She has successfully worked with many cancer patients in varying stages, infertility groups, clients with pain, digestive discorders, spinal injuries, children, the elderly, trauma & shock victims, heart disease, fibromyalgia, hair loss, bedwetting, asthma, ADD, depression, immune disorders, lymphatic issues, dementia, dental issues, strokes, Chernobyl victims, liver disease and many other conditions.

Nancy has studied with the leading Jin Shin Jyutsu instructors including: Wayne Hackett, Anita Willoughby, Petra Elmendorf, Matthias Roth, Muriel Carlton, Iole Lebensztajn, Jed Schwartz, Philomena Dooley, Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Jill Pasquinelli and Lynne Plueger.  She has also studied with Haruki Kato, the leading Jin Shin Jyutsu master from Japan, who was Jiro Murai's only other student besides Mary's father.  In addition, Nancy was fortunate to have had many sessions with Mary Burmeister in Arizona and enjoy her presence.

To continue her studies and experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nancy attends Jin Shin Jyutsu classes every year including the Now Know Myself Seminar and numerous Special Topic Classes.

Nancy B. Conkling

Member ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals)
Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Certified Instructor to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Classes

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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